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The John Paul II Centre for Life has a special focus on serving the needs of women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies, as well as those who are seeking healing from the pain of baby-loss or abortion.

0508 HERE 4 U Pregnancy Centre
Our pregnancy centre offers care to any woman facing an unplanned or crisis-pregnancy. We can offer a listening ear and practical support, helping women to navigate what can be the extremely difficult and emotionally demanding situation of an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

Our caring team is ready to provide any woman support and someone to talk to, and the help we provide is free and totally confidential.

If you live in Christchurch and you, or someone you know and love is facing an unplanned or difficult pregnancy, then please call us on 0508 HERE 4 U (0508 437 348) or: (03) 351 3227, we are always available to listen and to talk through the issues you are facing.

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Healing after Baby-Loss or Abortion
The trauma of baby-loss or abortion can be something hugely traumatic for any person who experiences it. Our caring team is always ready and available to provide a non-judgmental listening ear to any person dealing with the grief of baby-loss or abortion.

Our support is completely confidential and totally free, and our team can refer you to more specialized grief counseling services if this is needed.

If you, or someone you know and love is struggling with the pain of baby-loss or abortion then please call us anytime on: (03) 351 3227.

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Book of Life
The John Paul II Centre Book of Life (pictured left) is a special memorial book for anyone who has lost a child in the womb or at birth and wishes to have somewhere to memorialize their little one. The Book of Life has been lovingly handcrafted and inside its beautiful wooden frame it houses specially printed pages where the names of lost little ones can be handwritten. The Book of Life is kept in a central spot in our chapel, so that those with names in it can come and spend time reflecting on their little one, and every week all of the babies recorded in the Book of Life are prayed for at our team Mass.

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