40 Days For Life Christchurch

40 days for Life is an International prayer project. Praying for the end of abortion and those involved 40 days for lifein abortion. 40 days for Life involves prayer, fasting and community awareness.

In 2015 we will be praying outside Christchurch hospital from 23 September to 1 November. Our peaceful prayer vigil will be for 12 hours a day for the 40 days.

How to Sign Up for 40 Days for Life Vigil Hours

  1. Go to www.40daysforlife.com
  2. Click on Log In then Create a Login
  3. Enter in your details and click Register
  4. Next, click on the Add Vigil Location button
  5. From the drop-down list of countries, select New Zealand and click Search
  6. You should then see Christchurch displayed as your nearest location. Click on Christchurch, NZ
  7. Now, click the Sign Up For Vigil Hours button
  8. You will now see a calendar. To select a day to participate simply click on it
  9. The hours available for that day will now show. Select an hour slot to sign up for it
  10. The Statement of Peace will first show, click I Agree, Sign Me Up!
  11. You will see the vigil hours displayed again, re-click the vigil hour you desire
  12. You should now see your name appear in the hour slot
  13. You are now signed up for your first hour!

For more information about 40 days International click here

For more information email 40daysforlifechch@gmail.com