10788708_sTheology of the Body is a truly life changing expression of the Catholic teaching regarding love, marriage, sexuality and the human person. Pope John Paul II called it the ‘language of the body’, and it answers some of the most fundamental and profoundly important questions of human existence.

God’s Plan for a Joy Filled Marriage 

Do you want to know ‘what the Church’ teaches about marriage?

Do you want to know the ‘why behind the ‘what’ of living a ‘Catholic’ marriage?

This course is offered to engaged couples as a supplement to the regular marriage preparation in your parish, and for single adults wanting to know the Church’s teaching about marriage.

Its’ primary aim is to respond to the “why” behind the ‘what‘ of living a Catholic marriage according to the Gospel teachings. Its’ intention is to help people understand and embrace God’s plan for a joy-filled marriage.

There are six DVD sessions presented by Christopher West and facilitated here at the Centre, covering topics such as God’s plan for marriage in the beginning, now and in the future, what a ‘Catholic’ marriage is, natural family planning and common questions and answers.

During the day, you will have opportunities to have some reflection time. The emphasis is on time for YOU as an individual and /or as a couple.

The following resources are provided which you will keep and can refer to as you discern now, and as your life unfolds in the future:

  • Good News About Sex & Marriage Written by Christopher West. This book contains down-to-earth pragmatic answers to your honest questions about Catholic teaching.
  • God’s Plan for a Joy filled Marriage marriage preparation couples workbook.

If needed, we can also provide a letter detailing the topics covered and  confirming you have participated in the course.

So….What am I saying ‘I do’ to?  To find out more about God’s wonderful and amazing plan for marriage, please contact your Parish Priest or us at the Centre.