Welcome to the website of the John Paul II Centre for Life.

We are a Christchurch-based Catholic organisation dedicated to building a culture of life, marriage and family through prayer, service and education.

We offer practical support and assistance to mothers facing unplanned or crisis pregnancy, as well as support for women seeking healing from the pain of abortion.

We also have a special focus on education offering formation in pro-life, family, marriage and faith related issues.

Most importantly of all, we believe that everything that we do at the John Paul II Centre for Life should be underpinned by prayer, and that this contributes to the sense of peace, healing and hope that people encounter daily at our Christchurch centre.

Our Team

TEam 2015 close

Whether you live in Christchurch, or you are just passing through, please feel free to stop in at our centre at 88 Idris Road, Bryndwr and meet the team, our door is always open.

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